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    This school has proved to be a huge advantage for strained families and provides extra inspiration for children to enjoy accessible education along with maintaining their school attendance. As a result, the school dropout rate decreases, and this help more students reach education and have a brighter future. Apart from normal lessons, the children get the opportunity of extra-curricular activities like art & craft, games & sports, work education etc. The trained teachers provide education in a non-threatening joyful environment, which makes students interested in attending school. Learning materials and uniforms are provided to these children. They also get periodical health checkup facility.
    How We Help?
    From persuading about what circumstances a boy or a girl may be captured not having proper education, it is found by the trust that the children are under below-mentioned situations at their level.
    • Abandoned Children
    • Mentally Handicapped
    • School Dropouts
    • Employed Children
    • Girls having parents of not interesting to send them school or fear to send.
    • Children, not having proper amenities, especially from the gypsy community
    These children are attended by the trust and are made getting proper settlements by giving assistance. The trust founds some schools which accept the service of the trust and settles the students.
    Kinds of help the trust offers to the students,
    • Getting admissions in proper schools
    • Economical support to pay their school fees
    • Providing stationary aids
    • Make the parents aware of their girl’s education
    Arrangements for cultural and skill developing programs