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    Medical camps
    Medical camps are conducted every year on the campus of Holy Queens School. People who are having problems meet the Doctors and get prescriptions and advice regarding severity. The Chart gives a normal illness strategy.
    Conducted various mass awareness campaigns periodically to prevent the usage of Tobacco products, to free the children, adolescent and youths to get rid of the habit of drinking alcohol and consuming illicit drugs.
    Conducted various periodical I.E.C programs among the children residing in the Home to build up their capacity to promote their healthy living conditions.
    International Day of Disabled was celebrated with the school students and parents to give awareness on polio and its attacks. The day was also included programs on giving respect to the physically and mentally disabled persons who are normally found in society. Many disabled persons were invited and honoured on the day.
    The Topics Covered Under Health Awareness Campaigns
    • Personal Hygiene & WASH (construction of toilets, its finance and usage and school sanitation safe drinking water and food practices, hand washing)
    • Maternal & Child Health Care (ANC, PNC, institutional health delivery and immunization)
    • Anemia & Nutrition (Nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding, adolescent nutrition, obesity)
    • Community Health (Health delivery system, role of health institutions, health rights)
    • The SHG training module on Health, Hygiene and Sanitation for SHG members are intended to have a great impact on the rural SHG households.