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    Rehabilitation is made possible in an appropriate time to the people captured by kinds of barriers. Unemployed youths & Adults are found and are through consultancies arranged for jobs. Prison back youth & Adults are through religious persons and retreats shaped to live normally in society. They too are given job opportunities. Medical care and spiritual supports are given to the victims of AIDS. Their children are given education by the trust and their dependents are socially supported.
    Refugees, Repatriates, Pavement Dwellers, Dwellers in the Tenements Gardens, Beedi Workers, Construction Laborers, Workers in the Quarries, Workers in the Brick Chambers, Bonded Laborers are economically supported and freed from their critical conditions. Their children are supported to get a proper education. Dyslexia students are medically equipped and are admitted in the schools. Employed Children & Adults are released from their situations and also admitted in the schools. Drug Addicts are through medical and spiritual treatments freed from the addiction and are settled to a good atmosphere.