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    1. To open, establish, run, maintain, and promote orphanages for neglected, abandoned, helpless, destitute children of all sorts and to provide food, shelter, health care, education, vocational training, handicrafts etc for them for their knowledge, welfare and self sustenance and employment in life so as to enable them to stands on their own skills independently in future and be better citizen useful to the society and to themselves.
    2. To open, establish, run, maintain and promote homes, for the needy old and aged people and widow homes etc. And cater to all their needs like food, shelter, clothings, medicals, recreation, useful avocation etc. For their peaceful and dignified and decent living.
    3. To open, establish, maintain homes for needy children and other persons affected with IDS and to provide free medicine, treatment, food, shelter etc to them. To conduct health aids awareness program among general public particularly in rural and hilly areas.
    4. To execute projects for the welfare and upliftment of the tribes in forest and hilly areas.
    5. To promote literacy of the illiterates in general and poor and downtrodden in particular.
    6. To open, establish, run maintain and promote libraries, reading rooms, schools of all type, polytechnics, environmental institutions, vocational training centers, training institute and centers for handicraft and other useful arts, all sorts of colleges in arts, science, commerce, humanities, literature, professional colleges like teacher training, nursing, Pharmaceutical engineering, technical, technological, medical, dental, law, paramedical, university, research institute in science, medicine, and technology and all other useful subjects in all their manifestation for advancement of knowledge and to achieve excellence in them for the benefit of public.
    7. To publish pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers etc., for spread and advancement of education and culture.
    8. To purchase, acquire, or otherwise make available such as copyright in relation to any book, manuscript, research paper, journals, periodicals, etc., with a view to develop print, publish and distribute the same for dissemination knowledge in general and useful at all levels of learning including research etc.,
    9. To organize and conduct lectures, seminars, and symposiums, and workshop for students and research scholars.
    10. To promote or to do advancement or research in allopathy, homeopathy, siddha, ayurvedha, Unani, naturopathy, biomedicine and flower-medicine and all other reliving alleviating and curing systems with particular reference to the development of new drugs and medicine.
    11. To give scholarships, stipends, prizes and other sorts of financial help or assistance in cash or kind to deserving, downtrodden, and poor section of students with a view to help them in pursuing with their studies in schools, colleges, and other institutions of all kinds including research centers in India.
    12. To open establish, run, maintain and promote clinics, dispensaries, nursing homes, hospitals of all sorts and branches, maternity homes, child welfare centers, eye clinics, and eye hospitals, X-ray units and laboratories of all kinds etc., to render services to the suffering humanity.
    13. To conduct at various places healthcare camps, eye camps for the benefit of the deserving public, the poor and downtrodden in particular.
    14. To provide food, shelter medical, or other help or assistance of any sort or form to the poor, needy and deserving.
    15. To establish run and maintain shelter and medical relief to sick animals.
    16. To give money or other help or other assistance for relief of persons and animals affected by natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake, storm, cyclone, fire, famine, drought, accident, epidemic etc., and to give donation or contribution of any kind to the institution or centers or trust duly recognized for doing such a relief work on such occasions.
    17. To provide parks, playground facilities, to the public.
    18. To construct, repair, and maintain pathways, streets, sewages, roads of all kinds, bridges, and culverts etc., for the use of the public.
    19. To give and distribute dothies, sarees, blankets, rugs, woollen cloths, and other article of necessity and facility at various places for the poor and weaker and downtrodden people in society.
    20. To open, establish, run, maintain and promote centers, training institutes, and establishments for the disabled and handicapped persons in all forms and give necessary articles, materials accessiories of all sorts and kinds for their well being, mobility, self-employment, and to carry on their occupations or avocation and to rehabilitate them to be useful members in society.
    21. To adopt backward, rural villages and implement welfare scheme of all sorts for their upliftment.
    22. To do all sorts of rural development program for promoting the social and economic welfare and upliftment or all the public particularly in any rural area.
    23. To do programs or projects for conservations of natural resources in all possible ways.
    24. To provide food and shelter for the poor and destitute people in need of it.
    25. To buy or get by way of gifts or settlements or lease lands, building, machinery, equipments, and other necessary thing for achieving the above objects and establishing and construction buildings,establishments and institutions with all infrastructures needed for doing the above objects.
    26. To dig bore wells and put up hand pumsets, and construct overhead tanks and provide water and tap connection for providing drinking water facilities for public in general.